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The Follow Me Cousins

Madame Curious
external image jDmGiMctIZUJnYk6v6hhFE4tTUoFOktDxDK4eUTfRy2Tq0ZxNlskNKGAEv99hsmycJui6pVdNiREvMQ3syO9sNcy8jHrFdzUKiZxISPta5K4EIzMMw*
Born: July 7th 2010

Creator: __Kathy Sage__

Link: __http://madamecurious1.pbworks.com/__

Bio: Madame Curious was created to fill the gap left by the loss of field trips. Since I can't take students to the science, I am having Madame Curious bring science to them. Madame Curious will travel around the world to various science labs and research centers documenting the research being done, and then students can read her blog to see what she has seen and done on her visits.

Patriot Pete
external image hcRs0WMhJAonVbAiCrxG1xrqdrK8VTxd2ei82Krog_owKSiOLEdDUpfkwroxR5zOA94hEa0VN7eO6-W5OrisDAYG_63Q2V1onLwG_u44Iv4bryVd4A*
Born: Feb. 23rd 2010


Link: __http://patriotpete.wikispaces.com/__

Facebook: Patriot Pete

Twitter: __http://twitter.com/patriotpete__

Bio: My name is Patriot Pete.

I was made in Carlisle, PA and my job is to travel around the U.S. looking to learn more about American Patriotism. I like to meet soldiers to hear their stories and visiting monuments, museums, and schools learning about Patriotism. Along the way, I hope to teach kids more about being an American and being Patriotic while also helping them to learn about using technology.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascot Project
external image s8DSwuuqZR_xcaZ4rsdIR_6XcFj5MjLnl6beAAFKLM1rk9btDbPjvltgKTEy-2YlYRUkROE1eYnP7GCxRFf3FkUeb_uiz8oDMcfz8LEO1NIUzKvuYQ*
Born: Oct. 9th 2009

Creator: __Julia Poole__

Link: __http://fcweb.sd36.bc.ca/~poole_j/Olympic%20Mascots__

This flat Mascot project is to encourage a collaborative writing project through the Olympic spirit.

Techno Tiger
external image XoTfzJNw7dR7s4B7A7e-Dy1yzOzL4G6Y4lCJ82urdWjNLDNH4rzdhPSR-KE5fTHUnbRLuwjjFX3lq0UbBvsLnaTfbFWvWhcK99_LIVJzdT2dOOPTbA
Born: Sept. 2009

Creator: Mrs. Abernethy

Link: __http://abernethytechnotiger.blogspot.com/__

Bio: We are Mrs. Abernethy's 5th Grade Class.

Geo Frog
external image S2ieKMhqVI_OecVofstbbWJeSgLrw1jYqfBzAC132Jnr98O_CDmYoDUuH60JxjPJg8Z6bk5y1Ol0LOuADB2xaBSXPHKC_wVPM82Hm5h0gkycsSNMFA*
Born: August 2009

Creator: __Lori Sheldon__

Link: __http://geofrog.wikispaces.com/__

Bio: Hello! I am part of the FollowMe Project! I travel from school to school and work with classes on geography!

external image YK2uBlEE2_yJHb4QBY_Q52NfKdf5XjE7BMTj9c_VkigcUKncu7wRyuy5x30TZoA9TndySS55O736Aj5adVJBwmVb8iHjRPVlgQD_IkNAC7by8FwBcw
Born: Jan. 16th 2009

Creator: __Brandon Lutz__

Link: __http://followpax.wikispaces.com/__

Bio: Hi I am Pax, a Black Bear from Pennsylvania. My goal is to travel to every continent in the world and visit classrooms in different countries and connect students all over the world. My site is just getting started and I am hoping you will sign up to have me visit! Check the sign-up and see if you can represent your country with the Follow Me Project and host Pax!

Civil War Sallie
external image 8m_xHShH9WBHzDPmMYlO3GAXobii8fQb6vTTjv9qa_hnXpMlZZ2T7OOj8W5alpD-IkALYhsMcLQEBkv8ZlGF6iIETY4x3KBJjgG3CZHoe7tZx6YVXA
Born: Feb. 10th 2009

Creator: Sarah

Link: __http://civilwarsallie.wikispaces.com/__

Twitter: __http://twitter.com/civilwarsallie__

Bio: My name is Sallie Ann. I was made in Gettysburg PA, and I’m named after the mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry from the Civil War. My job is to travel around the U.S. looking for Civil War battlefields or museums and schools learning about the Civil War. Along the way, I hope to teach kids more about the Civil War while also helping them to learn about using technology. I’ll start out in Gettysburg, PA ,and learn about the battle that took place there. My visit to you will last about one week, but before I leave, I hope that you will put something from the battlefield, museum or your school in my backpack so I can keep it as a memento of my visit.

Breaker Boy Ben
external image XON8eA_kLO1obBcMUY8mLlsSXRSAMN5yAj-BVh6KHEzX0JRtJNMhoiO2mAmTHAk5WgzPrSpESw6QDtZCDJmMu1-9KcjBjoyYLT4NNO_psJky38K0Yg
Born: March 2nd 2009

Creator: __Jennifer Kraft__

Link: __http://breakerboyben.wikispaces.com/__

Bio: We will be creating a dog, Breaker Boy Ben, who will travel around to share the history of the Breaker Boys, the young boys who separated coal, in Pennsylvania's Anthracit.

Leonardo the Lion
external image ycd7l8ZNMMADs_tkr0sxu5FMEH67pipl3CkkQA8z40OryAxJRGvIUOV81NYdP_PtPQu45nDtEAX4T7kU0P29nIfsPv6AaC7pn7X6IO_I3rXoUPeXNw
Born: Spring 2009

Creator: __Dominic Salvucci__

Link: __http://leonardolion.wikispaces.com/__

Bio: We are combining two collaboration based projects into one; "Follow Me" and "Around the World with 80 Schools." Both were designed to show students how they can work well and learn from others. They fit nicely together and my students are looking forward to building this project.

Global Gorilla
external image dSf_EgaI4wTSiyluLYlqN1xdsZ19gjDOfgHVl48C_iHPO9t8cPeeAVgsG8vkZ9p88m5HguANnHaIQFTATgOcmtnqXs1y2h5JC9pWCtm_j7oKPfaLIg
Born: September 2008

Creator: Mrs. Abernethy

Link: __http://globalgorillas.wikispaces.com/Global+Gorilla__

Bio: Learn about Mrs. Abernethy's Global Gorillas through the eyes of their mascot, Global Gorilla. Be sure to check back often to find out what's happening in this fifth grade classroom! Be sure to check out Global Gorilla's Blog and Flickr Page.

Morpheus Fortuna (Founding Project)
external image RcuL14iphnKca1UMBEmLKbkHYMv2dceZJmMtNHr0nIFVQaDWRprc9U8Tf6pm7NKVYPppQcXD2w2gdkiAkt42M0wcWdN2hFR5mtMoNO04VDEfOdl0Yw
Born: September 2007

Creator: __Brandon Lutz__

Link: __http://morpheusfortuna.wikispaces.com/__

Twitter: __http://twitter.com/MorpheusFortuna__

Bio: Morpheus is a Bog turtle that travels around Pennsylvania and the United States learning what students in the classes he is visiting learn! He loves Web 2.0 Tools and opes to get teachers to use them! He has something special to share real soon about next school year stay tuned!

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