Creating your own Follow Me Project

How to Get Started:

  • Talk with your group about the name of the project you will create
    • Have a naming contest
    • If this is a classroom project, give your students' ownership of the project.
  • Think of a cause/purpose for your project
    • What idea/cause does your animal want to spread to your students, the community or the world?
  • Determine where your project will travel
    • Local vs. Global

The Birth of Your Project:

  • Go to Build-A-Bear Workshop or a local stuffed animal maker and create an animal or creature
    • Be sure to have your name ready to get a birth certificate!
  • If you don't have a Build-A-Bear Workshop nearby you can order online (!
  • Feel free to use any stuffed animal that you find!

Create Sites for Your Project

* Note: Use the same name and password for the different sites. Do not use a password you use, make it unique to this project!
  • Create a wikispaces account for your animal
  • Create a Yahoo Account for your Photo site
  • Create a gmail account for...
    • Email
    • Blog site
    • Calendar
    • Google Docs
  • Create a twitter account so you can micro blog about your animal
  • Use any other site you know of to share and collaborate!

How and Where is your Project Going to Travel?

  • Travel Ideas
    • Within your school
    • Within your classroom
    • Within your family/friends
    • Within the state
    • Throughout the country
    • Global travel

Ideas for Teachers (Connecting your project to the everyday classroom)

  • Promote Student Writing
    • Blogs
    • Daily Journals
    • Create books for your project
  • Enhance social studies/science lessons
    • Discover countries your project has visited
    • Look at the ecosystems where your project has traveled
  • Incorporates technology seamlessly into your classroom
    • Video Conferencing
    • Blogs
    • Updating wikispaces
  • Encourages group collaboration within the classroom on a variety of topics
    • Scrapbooking
    • Digital Media projects
    • Songs
    • Theater performances
  • Creates unique opportunities for math enrichment
    • How far has your project traveled?
    • How many hours has your project been on the road?
    • What is the annual cost of the project?

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